Rockford Youth Activism hosts an art demonstration

Dozens gathered and painted their message on the mural.
Dozens gathered and painted their message on the mural.(WIFR)
Published: Jun. 27, 2020 at 9:30 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - People gather at Aldeen Park, which features a mural that has images in support of the black lives matter movement, and many feel their voice was heard through the art they made.

"The whole message of art is to get your message across and your point across," Black Lives Matter supporter Imani Brown said.

Protesters across the region express their needs in many ways. There have been sit-ins, there have been marches, and now spray-painted art is the channel people utilize.

“I see teachers up there, I see students up there, I see people who are anarchists up there, I see Democrats up there, you see that all of these different people from all of these different walks of life feel tied to what’s going on here,” Rockford Youth Activism Spokesperson Leslie Rolfe said.

Dozens came to the park and picked up a paint can, to share what matters to them.

“There are hundreds and hundreds of black trans women, black trans men, black men binary, you know the list goes on and on who are killed every single day and a lot of there story gets untold,” Community activist Nathan James said.

"Even though black lives matter is an organization right now it is a movement of what people are protesting against police brutality so it is more than just an organization now it is a slogan," Brown said. "Some people can only portray things through art."

Saturday's demonstration was about the individual wants and goals of people in the community, but organizers believe that the time for people to come together with one message will come.

“We need people to be coming to recesses of their mind to try to find what we can do to change the dynamic within the community,” Rolfe said. “I do think also at some point we have to find common grounds, and we have to find some kind of unity and we have to have some kind of unified front.”

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