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Cancer Benefit for Kim Dorcey

Apr 28, 2013 Noon

Varsity Lanes - Milton WI
Kim, a loving mother of two, is currently working on becoming a "Cancer Survivor". Her journey started over 6 years ago. Having previously battled bladder cancer and being blessed to be in remission for 10 months. She has gone through multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, as well as a clinical trial. She actively takes part in her own health care and recovery by looking at cancer as just a word and not a sentence. Staying positive and focused on the end of treatment is an inspiration to us all. For the past 4 months she has began her fight against cancer once again. Currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation to treat a rare malignant tumor on her occipital nerve, she has more surgery ahead after this round of treatment. Due to the location of the tumor, she is losing the hearing in her right ear and has chronic pain which cannot be cured. The ongoing treatment is supported by her loving family and friends which help give her the courage and strength to keep fighting. Not able to keep up with the rising costs of medicine and health care, we are trying to help a little at a time. Thanks in advance for all the wonderful people that help out in a time of need.

Online Donations can be made at

Donations can be made at First Community Bank in Milton to the Kimberly Dorcey Benefit Fund.
Contact Shelley Nofsinger at 608-295-5292, Dave Wendt at 608-868-4378