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God of Carnage

Oct 4, 2012 Call

Oct 5, 2012 Call

Oct 6, 2012 Call

Oct 11, 2012 Call

Oct 12, 2012 Call

Oct 13, 2012 Call

Beloit College Kresge Theatre 700 College St. Beloit, WI 53511
Mature Audiences Only
Brooklyn, New York. At Cobble Hill Park, Benjamin Raleigh and Henry Novak, both 11 years old, engaged in a verbal altercation which erupted into a physical fight. Benjamin Raleigh, furnished with a stick, hit Henry Novak in the mouth. Both boys’ parents are furious, but are holding it together for the sake of their sons. At the Novaks’, the parents meet to plan how their sons will settle their differences in a mature and appropriate way. The Novaks and the Raleighs are all well-educated and well-heeled -- sophisticated people, if you will. Of course they can work through this “situation” with grace and finesse. Mr. Raleigh’s cell phone keeps ringing – and he ANSWERS it! Mr. Novak has the gall to comment on it. Mrs. Novak is demanding to know how Benjamin will be punished. And, Mrs. Raleigh breaks under the stress. Beneath the civilized façade lurks a savage instinct that can’t be denied. A primitive entertainment guaranteed to satisfy your inner child!
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M-F 12:30-5pm