Selected Community Events

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You Can't Beat The House

The Pec Playhouse 314 N. Main St. Pecatonica Illinois
Two minor-league burglars have really met their match this time, or so it seems. They break into a house only to find that it's up for sale and before they can leave, the prospective buyers show up. The burglars can either pretend to be real estate agents or run and risk getting caught. When the REAL, real estate agent and the police show up you have the perfect recipe for hilarity. Sprinkle in some additional oddball characters and the laughs are nonstop. Oh, and did we mention the house is haunted? This screwball comedy is one wisecrack after another and proves once again that "You Can't Beat the House. Directed by Jennifer Thompson. All seats just $12.00 Call 815-239-1210 for tickets

Love's Labor's Lost

Rockford University, Maddox Theatre, Clark Arts Center, 5050 E. State St., Rockford, IL 61108
The King of Navarre and his three academic-minded friends, for the sake of their studies, vow to abstain from food, sleep and, of course, women for three years. No sooner have they finalized their agreement than the kingdom is visited by the beautiful princess of France and her three tempting ladies. Hormones may be stronger than their wills. The king, also smitten, finds himself reigning over, but not successfully reining in, the court’s amorous men who take to writing love letters that of course are misdelivered. After disguising themselves as men from Moscow and making complete fools of themselves, the King and his friends realize that they truly love the ladies. Surrounding this plot is another one of a wandering Spaniard in search of love; a country maid pursued by a silly clown and confused academics. However, this merry comedy ends with a twist making it one of Shakespeare’s most memorable romantic comedies.

Single ticket admission is $12 for adults, $9 for seniors age 55 and up and for students. Group rates are available. For tickets or information, please call the Box Office at 815-226-4100 or visit Dates and locations are subject to change.

RU Box Office,, 815-226-4100