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REI 3rd Annual Health Fair & Expo

Tebala Shrine Center, 7910 Newburg Road Rockford
Enfuego Productions, Exclusive Distributor
of Bio-Degradable Sunscreen, Bath & Body Products

Enfuego Productions is the exclusive U.S. wholesale distributor and retail provider for Maya Solar® Suncare and Batab Ancient Mayan Formula Products.

Batab is a creative fusion of four elements: traditional Mayan healing knowledge; indigenous flora of the Yucatan peninsula; potent minerals of the Chicxulub crater; and modern skin care technology. Our products use organic and exotic ingredients indigenous only in the Yucatan Peninsula, where an asteroid hit the earth 65 million years ago. We utilize these plants and minerals from the Chicxulub Crater to create Batab sunscreens, insect repellent, burn lotion and MayaSolar® bath and body products. Mayans have used the ingredients spawned from the crater for thousands of years to protect and beautify their skin and hair.

Batab carefully cultivates these tropical plants, herbs, spices, minerals, sea salt and seaweed that include ingredients such as achiote, chaya, abeja, beeswax and beta carotene The Maya Solar bath line includes innovative hair, bath, body and skin products that are all natural and organic. They rejuvenate skin and hair while often repairing damage. Pamper yourself with ancient Mayan wisdom and exfoliate, detoxify, oxygenate and rejuvenate during and after a simple bath or massage.

Batab suncare products are eco-friendly and chemical free with the highest quality of ingredients to protect the skin from sun, accelerate the normal tanning process and bring relief to sun-damaged skin. The emollients of our suncare products moisturize your skin and prevent dryness by the sun with natural UVA/UVB filters. They are biodegradable, safe for ocean use and help prolong the life of pool filters. Our insect repellent is also earth-friendly and one of our best sellers.

All of these products are safe for children and FDA approved. Labeling is in English and Spanish. Labels also are biodegradable. Profits made creating
Maya Solar and Batab products go directly to the Mayan people.

Richard Gubbe
815 398-6326