Selected Community Events

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Tinker's Cabinet of Curiosities Exhibit

Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum and Gardens, 411 Kent St., Rockford, IL 61102
From the Renaissance to the 19th century, the cabinet of curiosities showcased the hobby that was collecting. During the Victorian era, people who were interested in science and the natural world would have a 'cabinet of curiosities' in their homes. These cabinets could either be a physical a piece of furniture—like a bookcase or shelf, or they may just be a simple box. They were often filled with many small drawers or stacking trays.
The 'curiosities' stored in the cabinets were any sort of natural specimens: seashells, fossils, mineral specimens, preserved animals, pinned insects, or even cultural objects like tools or clothes, from all over the world. Robert Tinker has such a cabinet. It resides in the upper left corner cabinet in the Library. Guests are not allowed to truly view the wonderful objects inside, due to the low balcony on the second floor of the library. Therefore, we have decided to open the cabinet and display all the wonders it holds!
The Tinker’s Cabinet of Curiosities exhibit will be on display from February 2, 2016 until June 30, 2016. The exhibit will be housed in the Red Room and is a part of the general admission tour. Please visit during tour times Tuesday through Sunday at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum and Gardens

Rockford Art Guild Art Opening

Nicholas Conservatory, 1354 N Second St., Rockford, IL
Rockford Art Guild (RAG) is collaborating with Nicholas Conservatory for the second year with a new and exciting exhibit of more than 30 pieces of art. . In addition, “In Full Bloom: The Orchid Exhibit”, offers guests an opportunity to see some rare and unusual orchids are on display in the conservatory. The RAG exhibit will be open Friday, February 12th through Sunday Feb. 28th.. In addition to the individual art pieces on display, there will be an incredible mosaic that includes 8” x 8” canvases with an array of mediums and subject matter. Each 8 x 8 original piece of art will be available to purchase for $30.00 with all proceeds benefiting Rockford Art Guild.

Judith Loudin 815-871-9131