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Ogle Winnebago Literary Society General Meeting

Event Dates and Times

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Meg's Daily Grind 3885 N. Perryville Road Rockford IL
You're invited...

to the Ogle-Winnebago Literary Society's (OWLS) General Meeting

When: Saturday, May 17 from 2 to 4 PM

Where: Meg's Daily Grind on N. Perryville Road, Rockford

Program: "Accepting Criticism: Writers Helping Writers"

Plus: Events news, writing session, membership info, prize drawings

The May 17 meeting will be about introduction and discovery with a quick writing exercise and attendance prizes. At this (totally) free OWLS' event we'll review membership benefits and upcoming activities such as critique groups and get-inspired fieldtrips.

Writers from Winnebago and Ogle counties and the surrounding area are welcome to attend and discover OWLS. Click here to read more.
OWLS began as novelists gathering to work on craft and is developing into the area's top interactive group for the writing-minded.

100% never stuffy!

OWLS is a dynamic organization where writers meet, share, read, critique, and support each other. We're often serious, sometimes funny, rarely vulgar, and guaranteed never stuffy or judgmental.

OWLS' members are interested in writing and making something of it besides leveling table legs or churning confetti in a cross-shredder. Membership offers access to group roundtables, general meetings, critique sessions, technique-topic reviews, and education and event opportunities.

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OWLS is for its members

Through sharing and peer support, writers learn to see their art through readers' eyes and view it with fresh insight and renewed spirit.

OWLS is committed to providing an environment for writers' development by supporting them to achieve their goals, offering education opportunities, providing guidance on paths to success, and more.
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Sarah Hernandez 815-218-7563
Dawn Johnson 815-289-2860

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