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Kids Muddy Madness

Event Dates and Times

8:00 am
Westwood Park, Morton, Illinois
We hope you will consider joining us for the 2nd annual Kids' Muddy Madness to support St. Jude mud run. Our event is sure to be the highlight of your summer. Hopefully, all the information you need is included in this website, but if we've missed something, be sure to contact us and we'll answer any questions you might have.

We have a couple of favors to ask, if you don't mind. First, tell everyone you know about this event! We are hoping to get 1000 kids to come out and get dirty in 2013.

Second, email or share this with everyone in your contacts list- the more that know what we are doing, the better our event will be.

Third, ask all of your family and friends to donate to you so you can be the top fundraising participant!

Last, please check out our Sponsorship opportunities. We want to make sure that every dollar the kids raise goes directly to the kids at St. Jude, so if you help us underwrite some of our needed materials or supplies, our event will be awesome and we'll raise a whole bunch of money for kids fighting cancer!
Michelle Parker