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Workforce Development Institute

Event Dates and Times

Freeport Housing Authority Empowerment Center, 1052 W. Galena Avenue, Freeport
The Freeport Housing Authority will host an Open House and Presentation of the Workforce Development Institute on Friday, May 24th at 10:00 am at the FHA Empowerment Center, 1052 W. Galena Avenue, Freeport.

FHA will combine current class offerings with classes focused on employability skills and additional specialized trainings to create the new Workforce Development Institute [WDI]. The WDI has a purpose to help identify Freeport as a “workforce ready community” and promote self-sufficiency. WDI is open to the public and looks to serve the unemployed through employability skills and specialized trainings and referred employees by local employers to improve employee performance. All participants will take the Work Keys and Talent Assessments and establish goals for progress to be evaluated during the WDI program. Successful completers of the proposed 72-hour Workforce Development Institute will earn a Certificate of Workforce Readiness that will be recognized by local employers in addition to the Work Keys Certificate. WDI will be located in the FHA Empowerment Center with class sizes of 12-15. An eligible participant is anyone 17 years or older willing to sign the WDI Participation Agreement. Cost will be $300 per individual, which includes the Assessments and all materials. Financial assistance will be available through FHA and business sponsorships.
Brenda Westfall
815-232-4171 Ext 1012

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