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"FINDING FAITH" - New Faith based movie starring Erik Estrada

Event Dates and Times

Gateway Community Church in Machesney Park
New Faith based based moving with Erik Estrada to premiere at Gateway Community Church.

Gateway Community Church will be screening a new faith and family friendly film called FINDING FAITH on May 19, 2013 at 9:00 AM. Gateway Community Church will also be hosting the star of the film, Erik Estrada to the screening.

Erik Estrada is best known for his leading role in the television series ChiP's. Since that program, he has appeared in a long list of movies, television shows and reality programs. Estrada is also the National Celebrity Spokesman for the Safe Surfin' Foundation the creators of the film FINDING FAITH.

The film FINDING FAITH is a full-length narrative motion picture that tells the true story of how a family found "Faith" in their battle to find and rescue their fourteen-year old daughter "Faith" who accidentally falls victim to an online predator.

FINDING FAITH highlights the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force edge-of-your seat efforts to rescue children from predators often right before the children come to great harm. Even the tightest families and most guarded parents cannot stop predators who have perfected their evil trade.

The film is based entirely on true events and observations from experts. It willl wake parents, educators and concerned citizens to how our children are being targeted. The screening at Gateway Community Church is part of a National Awareness Tour, Estrada and the film's creator and Executive Director for the Safe Surfin' Foundation are doing to bring consciousness to this issue.

In today's world, pretty much all parents have had the conversation about technology and the challenges in keepings our kids protected online or on their smart phones. Whether being concerned about your elementary-aged child learning to use search engines or managing your high schooler's growing dependency on social networking sites this film is both entertaining and extremely educational.

For more information about FINDING FAITH please visit the film's website at www.FindingFaithFilm.com. To schedule an interview, a direct interview with with Erik Estrada, please contact Jason Campbell at JPCampbell70@msn.com.
Pastor Randy Kiger (rkiger25@gmail.com or Ella Stiles (ella0851@gmail.com), at telephone # 815-633-7310