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Boone County Farm Stroll

Date(s): 10/5/2014

Noon - 5:00 pm

Boone County Extension 205 Cadillac Court, Suite 3 Belvidere, IL 61008
Have you ever wondered where goat cheese comes from? Or how wool becomes yarn? Or where all those beautiful vegetables at the farmers market are actually grown? Well, we have a free, family-friendly event where you can satisfy your local food cravings and curiosities! On Sunday, October 5th, 2014, from noon to 5:00p.m., University of Illinois Extension will host the Boone County Farm Stroll, during which more than a dozen highly-diversified family farms producing food, fiber, and fun will all be open to the public! There will be farm tours, demonstrations, and of course fresh local food sampling and sales. Farms on the route raise fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, chicken and duck eggs, pumpkins, grapes for wine, bees for honey, sheep and alpacas for fiber, goats and cattle for milk, a variety of meat animals. Prepared food will be available for purchase at several locations. Pick up your map at the Extension office in Belvidere (205 Cadillac Court, Suite 3, next to Shopko) the day of the event or before to help you plan your relaxing, educational, and delicious Sunday drive with the family through the Boone County countryside. Find more information on Facebook (Boone County Farm Stroll) the Boone County Extension website (web.extension.illinois.edu/bdo), or call us at 815-544-3710. See you on the Farm Stroll!
Judy Hodge

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