Gas Price Stress Fuels New Problem

"Wow, this is gorgeous"

It's a sight Noelle larson has been waiting to see, her dream home in a prime location.Unfortunately it's another sight *fueling her motivation to get there...

" With the gas prices i thought that it would be smarter to move closer to my job which is downtown Rockford." says Noelle Larsen

Larsen has been living outside the city for more than ten years.It wasn't until filling her gas tank started to cost about as much as her grocery bill that she decided to re valuate her living arrangements.

"The gas prices everyday seem to be going up and up and up it makes moree sense for me to be 20 mins away from work rather than 30." says Larsen

Dale Gesner has been a real estate agent for more than 40 years.He says prices at the pump have not affected the number of homes hes sold but could affect the amount they re selling for in the future.

"If gas prices stayed in the four to five even six dollar price range you would see a shift from the higher priced homes other words .. someone who is going to buy a 300 thousand dollar home is probably going to but a 220 thousand dollar home instead" Gesner says

Larsen says Although gas prices have been rising almost daily... hes been through much worse ups- and downs .

" We have always bounced back and i think we will bounce back again"

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