With new pieces in place, focus centers on Cutler

BOURBONNAIS, Ill. (AP) -- Like a kid eyeing his presents, Jay Cutler could hardly contain his excitement.

The Chicago Bears made some big changes, and for a guy who grew up in Santa Claus, Ind., the offseason was like one big Christmas celebration. Now, expectations are soaring, and the spotlight is shining brighter than ever on the man behind center.

Cutler is ready to rip off the wrapping paper.

He says this is "the most comfortable" he's been heading into a camp because of the scheme and the talent around him.

There's a different vibe around the Bears heading into their first training camp practice on Thursday, after a disappointing 8-8 finish last season. They're eyeing a big run in the NFC and a trip to the Super Bowl after a busy offseason.

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