Sixty Year Old Woman Swims One Million Yards

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Every four years at the Olympics swimming takes center stage and we hear about how it is an endurance sport...Nancy Blomquist takes that to a whole new level.

6:00 AM is a foggy time for most of us, but for Nancy Blomquist its clear as chlorine.

"I like to get up early anyway and its kinda nice you get the work out in and then you feel great for the rest of the day"

Nancy is in the pool bright and early six days a week pumping out lap after lap...Once she dries off, she puts her day's work online. A few days ago she was in for quite a surprise.

“And when that came up that day and it said one million yards, plus like 200 i was like...I was stunned”

At twenty five yards per lap one length of the pool may not seem like much, but consider this...Nancy has already swam all the way to Pittsburgh and some of the way back.

“A couple of days ago i was thinking 'wow, I'm swum all the way to Ohio.”

And here's the kicker. Nancy is sixty years young and has only been swimming for half a decade.

“My basic goal in all of this is to stay healthy and strong. I see so many people get frail as they get older, i don't want that to happen to me.”

“She's incredible,” Coach Terry Egan says. “She's got an incredible amount of drive, an incredible amount of passion. Its in her heart, she shows up every day and makes it happen.”

“It’s even surprised me how much I love this.”

Nancy's goal for the year was six hundred miles. She should swim past that mark one week from today.

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