Rockford School District Upgrades Football Stadiums

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Construction on two of the Rockford School District’s football stadiums is coming to a close with the delivery of their new field turf today. Both Wyeth Stadium at Auburn High School and Swanson Stadium at Guilford High School are getting huge improvements this summer. Completion of the work is expected to be finished in time for the start of the upcoming football season.

“The district is spending $1.3 million dollars at Wyeth for stadium seating and turf improvements and $1.4 million dollars for the same work at Swanson Stadium,” said the Rockford Public Schools Chief Operations Officer Todd Schmidt. “The improvements will move those two stadiums to the top of the scale for NIC-10 facilities.”

Dan Appino, the new head football coach for Auburn, says the improvements have generated a lot of excitement among Knights athletes. The improvements are part of District 205’s summer construction plan that will pour more than $9 million dollars into district schools for capital projects and building upgrades.

The upgrades are also one more step to moving toward 21st Century Learning Environments, one of the major goals of the Readiness Rocks! program. The completion date for both projects is expected to be Monday, August 13th. It’s anticipated both schools will hold a small ceremony at each of the stadiums to mark the completion of the work and celebrate the start of the school year.

To see up-to-date pictures of the stadium upgrade in progress, you can visit

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