Kids SPOT Tumbling and Trampoline Athletes Flip Their Way to Florida

BOURBONNAIS, IL -- More than forty members of the Kids Spot Tumbling and Trampoline Team traveled to Bourbonnais over the weekend to take part in the USTA Northern Illinois State Competition. The athletes, ranging in age from five to fifteen years old, laid it all on the line in an attempt to qualify for the USTA National Championships in Ft Lauderdale this summer. Kids Spot brought home nine State Champions and a total of forty-two National Qualifier, including a sweep of the top three spots in the 11-12 age group of Advanced Girls Trampoline, and top five spots in 9-10 age group of Sub Advanced Girls Tumbling.
“I couldn’t be more proud of all my athletes and my coaching staff this season, said Coach Megan Owens. “Their hard work and dedication to their sport and their goals is truly inspirational.” Next up for the athletes is the AAU State Competition next month in Quincy, Illinois. There the athletes will attempt to qualify for the Junior Olympics in Detroit, MI. For more information on the programs offered at Kids SPOT, including their summer day camps, please call 815.623.KIDS (5437) or visit the gym at 9461 N 2nd Street in Roscoe.

Kids SPOT Tumbling and Trampoline USTA Northern Illinois State Competition Full Results:

Advanced Girls: 3. Madison Johnson, 3. Reagan Cejka, 5. Madison Dieguez;
Sub Advanced Girls: 1. Kayla Hesano, 2. Hallee Mewes, 3. Sophia Domberg, 3. Abby Hellinga, 4. Sophie Dutz, 5. Tierny Myers;
Sub Advanced Boys: 2. Alex Callahan;
Intermediate Girls: 2. Amanda Steinhagen, 4. Delaney Slabaugh, 8. Amiah Presson, 9. Lulu Marley, 9. Gabriella Galluzzo, 11. Madeline Burke, 18. Erica Anderson;
Intermediate Boys: 1. Luke Mohns, 5. Maw Barker;
Novice Girls: 1. Taylor Mohns, 5. Jersie Stiff, 6. Keira Shannon;
Novice Boys: 1. Eli Miller ;
Sub Novice Girls: 1. Samantha Baker, 2. Breanna Sheldon, 3. Kira Daehne, 4. Katie Konen, 5. Kayla Nelson, 5. Valeria Guevara, 8. Emily Kumlein, 9. Brynn Schlaht, 9. Alyssa Noble, 10 Cailey Christopherson, 11. Gabbie Murphy, 11. Morgan Dent;
Sub Novice Boys: 1. Sam Praenis, 2. Josh Hedberg, 2. Leo Galluzzo

Advanced Girls: 1. Reagan Cejka, 2. Abby Hellinga, 3. Gretta Wulf;
Advanced Boys: 4. Alex Callahan;
Sub Advanced Girls: 2. Hallee Mewes, 2. Madison Dieguez, 8. Madeline Burke;
Intermediate Girls 8. Amiah Presson, 16. Delaney Slabaugh, 18. Jersie Stiff;
Intermediate Boys: 4. Maxwell Barker;
Novice Girls: 3. Tori Bedows, 6. Gracie Wolfe, 7. Brynn Schlaht, 14. Taylor Mohns;
Novice Boys: 1. Josh Hedberg, 4. Noah Brockway, 6. Luke Mohns;
Beginner Girls: 4. Jenna Gerzenshtein

Double Mini Trampoline:
Advanced Girls: 3. Madison Johnson, 6. Abby Hellinga,
Advanced Boys: 3. Alex Callahan;
Sub Advanced Girls: 3. Gretta Wulf, 3. Madison Dieguez, 4. Hallee Mewes, 5. Madeline Burke;
Intermediate Girls: 5. Jersie Stiff, 8. Delaney Slabaugh, 17. Amiah Presson;
Intermediate Boys: 3. Maxwell Barker;
Novice Girls: 3. Tori Bedows, 3. Brynn Schlaht, 8. Taylor Mohns, 9. Gracie Wolfe, 9. Ava Matranga;
Novice Boys: 1. Josh Hedberg, 5. Noah Brockway, 7. Noah Brockway;
Beginner Girls: 5. Jenna Gerzenshtein

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