Jordan Lynch Tries to Break Through at Bears Camp

The deck is stacked against Jordan Lynch. For the former NIU quarterback to make the Bears roster there is a laundry list of things he'll have to overcome.

The Heisman finalist QB has to learn how to play running back, and that's not as simple as taking a handoff and running. It means learning routes and learning to block. Llynch made the decision to study some of those finer skills at the same place that made him a star.

Lynch: "Actually I went up to Northern and worked out with the team a little bit. I worked with the running backs and did some position drills there. I tried to pick up as much as possible."

At NIU Lynch was a ferocious runner. He averaged more than 1,800 yards and 21 TDs a season on the ground the last two years. But often times he did it by bulldozing smaller MAC defenders. That won't happen in the NFL, so he lost 15 pounds at the Bears suggestion to increase his speed.

Lynch: "I'm going out there and giving it everything I've got. That's how I made it this far. I'm going out there to prove that I can play running back in this league and I can play some special teams. So I'm going to do whatever the coaches ask me to do, I'm going to bust my tail off and in the end I'm going to try to make a roster spot."

To make that final roster lynch will likely need to be a swiss army knife, capabale of anything from catching passes to playing special teams.

Lynch: "i think my versatility is one of the things that stands out. I guess when it comes down to the last call, last cut or whatever, the more you can do the better i think."

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