Iman McGary Picks UConn

We've had some huge stateline signings this summer. Here's another division 1 commitment. Keith's Iman McGary will take her talents to the University of Connecticut after her senior season. Her cougars have been loaded the past few years winning back to back state championships. But it's not just Keith where McGary has excelled. She also stars for club fusion in Rockford and that's where the Huskies initially scoped her out. With that in mind the outside hitter says everything just seemed right about UConn.

"I loved the girls, I loved the campus and I loved the coaching staff and everything it has to offer. Actually their assitant coach is a Fusion alum and she's been wathcing me my whole life. Fusion coaches told me Sarah has been watching you then once it was UConn it was perfect how it all came together."

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