First Look Frenzy Schedule

High school football practices start tomorrow and so do our daily previews. The First Look Frenzy begins with Winnebago and Hononegah. Here is the tentative schedule.

Wednesday August 14: Hononegah and Winnebago
Thursday August 15: Auburn
Friday August 16: Stillman Valley
Saturday August 17: Belvidere
Sunday August 18: Belvidere North
Monday August 19: Harlem
Tuesday August 20: Rochelle
Wednesday August 21: Byron
Thursday August 22: Lena-Winslow and Dakota
Friday August 23: Oregon
Saturday August 24: Freeport
Sunday August 25: East
Monday August 26: Aquin
Tuesday August 27: Guilford and Jefferson
Wednesday August 28: Rockford Lutheran
Thursday August 29: Boylan

There will likely be a few date and team changes down the road, we will let you know if/when they happen. We are still working to include other schools that have been left out, and will do everything we can to get as many teams as possible.