Demry Croft Commits to Minnesota

The last time an area QB made it to the Big Ten Boylan's Demry Croft wasn't born. In fact, Croft wasn't born when Guilford's Lenny Williams graduated from Northwestern. Now Croft will write the next chapter in stateline football history when he goes to Minnesota.

On his visit to Minnesota it didn't take long for Demry Croft to figure out this was the place for him.

"Because when i stepped there it felt like home already," Croft said. "And I was like oh boy this is home. It felt like home"

Croft attended a camp at the school a two weeks ago. And when he left he knew immediately the twin cities would be his next home

"Visit the facilities. Everything was great. Me and my parents talked about it and we liked it up there, that's why."

The Boylan QB will be heading into his senior season after a stellar junior effort. He accounted for 26 touchdowns last season and 2,600 yards of total offense. But there's still a lot for improvement in his senior season

"I'd like to show people I'm a passer as well as a runner and I'd like to show people that I can make the reads and the passes that college QBs can make"

If Croft makes those improvements theres no doubt about his star potential. And thats exactly what Minnesota sees in him.

"They saw me as a quarterback to possibly come in when Mitch is done being a qb up there to play for Coach Kill"

Croft and Boylan will open the season august 29th against Auburn.

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