Broadhurst Brothers Playing Together for the First Time

The IceHogs have finally turned their season around with wins in six of their last seven. As they gear up for their post season push here are two players, but only one name to keep an eye on.

Growing up Terry and Alex Broadhurst did everything together, except play organized hockey. The brothers are four years apart, just enough to ensure they were never on the same hockey team, until now.

"To see each other every day," Terry said "this season is a pretty big deal to us and we try to enjoy every day of it."

Alex agreed adding that "It's probably my dad's biggest dream and obviously it came true. we definitely wanted to do this our whole lives. It's been great."

Recently head coach Ted Dent has put the Broadhursts on the same line and surprise surprise they have chemistry.

"I don't know if it's a twin like thing. I think it's just knowing that we kindof think the game the same way and knowing that he's gonna be in that area or that spot to give him the puck and it seems to be working," said Terry.

The younger Alex noted that "If i'm going to put it in a spot where I'm going to be he's always going to be there. I think that's where the twin aspect comes along with it. But it's just being a similar player we know where each other are at all times. We like to make plays."

But it isn't all brotherly love. A rivalry that started at birth, is still in play in Rockford. When I asked Terry who the better player was, he didn't hesitate.

"Me for sure."

And Alex told me as a rookie he knew there would be some playful hazing, but that most of it comes from Terry.

"He kindof rattles my cage a little bit."

Just watching them practice one on one you can see the competitive fire burning. A fire that makes both of them better players.

"By both of us trying to be better than the other i think it pushes both of us to be better hockey players." Alex said and Terry agreed, "It's a healthy competition. If he does well I want to do just as well if not better."

When it's all said and done they each hope that competition leads to the same thing, the Broadhurst brothers playing together with the Blackhawks.

Take nat "the broadhurst brothers hook up on a goal."

The biggest difference between the two is in the stat column where alex is second on the team with 31 points...Those 31 dominate terry who only has 30...

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