Boys & Girls Club Offers Skateboard and Rollerblade Camp

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The Boys & Girls Club of Rockford Flodin Unit will be having a 2-week Board & Blade Camp at the Club, 1000 Mill Road, in August. The class begins August 6-8 and continues the following week August 13-15.

Tracy White, former pro skater and judge at the 2012 Asian X-Games will teach park etiquette, safety, dropping-in, basic to advanced tricks and more. Classes are 9am –noon and cost is $50 per week. Boards, blades, helmets and pads will be provided.

Register at the Flodin Unit 10:30AM – 5:30PM Mon-Fri. For more information, call Tracy at (310) 428-7472 or the Flodin Unit at (815) 332-4988.

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