Ricky and Michael Bilderback

Tonight (Saturday) could be a big night at the Speedway for the Bilderback racing family.

Michael Bilderback's 16th birthday is today which will allow him to race for the first time at the Rockford Speedway.

His uncle, Ricky Bilderback is a 6-time defending points champion. With three races to go, he leads by just two points over Jerry Gille.

Ricky says his experience set him and Jerry apart....

Ricky Bilderback

"Between us two, we just have so much more experience than the rest of the field. That's the biggest thing. And when you get experience, it's like the first time you drove your street car. You're two hands on the wheel and you're shaking. Now you drive your street car and you're eating a sandwhich and talking on the cell phone. That's the same way racing is."

Ricky may soon need to look out for his nephew Michael Bilderback. His first race at the Speedway is tonight but it isn't his first ever. Michael actually beat Ricky in a race...

Michael Bilderback

"We raced him once last year in Lake Geneva in a big 8 race and we beat him that time. That was only my fourth race so that was pretty cool. So it's pretty exciting. We've raced legends and bandos for the last 5 or 6 years and we can finally get out here and run with the big dogs for once."

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