Packers Youthful At Running Back

Let's go over to Packer camp in De Pere. There's been plenty of talk early on about the amount youth at the running back position. Vernand Morency, Brandon Jackson, Deshawn Wynn, Noah Herron, and P.J. Pope all combine for only 8 years of professional experience. 23 Sports Reporter Mike Curkov was in Packer camp yesterday to find out more about the situation.

"MCCARTHY: We talk every morning about the depth chart. We're going to hold steadfast on our running back group, and work these young guys."

"HERRON: We still got some good numbers right now. I mean it's always looking at last year. We started camp with two guys. I was one of those guys, so anything is better than two.

The Pack's first preseason game is this Saturday against the Steelers.

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