13-year old Katrina Senatry Wins Boxing World Championship

Rockford has it's own world champion. 13-year old Katrina Senatry won boxing's Ringside World Championship in Kansas City this weekend. WIFR has some home video of the bout.

Katrina is the one wearing the blue top. Keep an eye on her right hand. That's her money maker. Katrina's opponent had enough of her right after the third round. Katrina was declared the victor after the other girl threw in the towel. The champ says it was her first match that was the toughest.

"Throwing the right hand and I got her. Then I started making her nose bleed and everything. Then in the second fight. It was easier because she was my height. I think I thought I was going to win because I kept hitting her with the jab, right in the face. She kept bringing her head back when I hit her. "

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