Bears Trade Harris

The Chicago Bears sent one of their Super Bowl starters packing today. Safety Chris Harris was traded to the Carolina Panthers for a 2008 draft pick. The Little Rock native played in 25 games for the Bears over the last two seasons and was a starter in this past Super Bowl. Harris has made a few pit stops in Rockford in recent years, with the most recent being may to promote NFL Flag Football. He was competing against 5 other safeties for a spot on the team, including Mike Brown. Yesterday I caught up with Brown at Bourbannis to get his take on this years defensive unit.

"BROWN: We've got most of our or I should say all of our core guys back. We expect great things from this unit. We're really really focused. I think that the difference between most years. We have a deeper focus than usual. Because we know our goal is attainable."

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