Makovec Wins Women's Golf Classic

And finally, Championship Flight match play from the Women's Golf Classic. Samantha Makovec going for her second title in a row. Her opponent, Nikki Arn, her putt on 13 comes up just a bit short.

As for Makovec, she put the pressure on all day. This putt here closes things out. Makovec defends her title at Mauh-Nah-Tee-See And as I'm told her mistake free golf game is pretty hard to compete with.

"ARN: She's tough, she doesn't make any mistakes. If you think she's going to make a mistake she always comes back with a great shot."

"MAKOVEC: My driving was good. I had a lot of confidence so I'd be in the fairway and it would be easier. I'm happy, it felt like a long week but it was fun.

Makovec still has a ways to go to reach Sally wessels 13 career titles, but the 21-year-old has plenty of years ahead of her. For a complete list of today's flight winners, head to our webchannel at

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