Favre Returns To Camp Today

The quarterback Favre was excused from the team's practices earlier in the week to return home to Mississippi. He was attending funeral services for the stepfather of his wife Deanna. Her stepfather, Rocky Byrd, died of a heart attack last Saturday.

Favre was back at camp Thursday morning though he didn't practice. He was expected to take part in the evening practice.

Favre says this latest death is difficult. But he has endured a string of personal tragedies the last few years.

His father, Irv, died of a heart attack the day before the Packers played a game at Oakland in December 2003.

His wife, Deanna Favre, was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2004. Her brother died from injuries sustained in all-terrain-vehicle accident on the Favres property in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, a few days later.

And Brett Favres childhood home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina two years ago. His mother still lived there.

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