Raptors Eliminated

The Rock River Raptors were hoping to usher in the dawn of the Jurassic Era at the Metrocentre. The Raptors hosted the I-39 rival Bloomington Extreme in the first round of the UIF playoffs.

Maurice Simpkins hoping the Raptors D would step up to the challenge tonight.

Bloomington's All-Star quarterback Dusty Burk. Put the D right to work, hits James Walton in the end zone. Extreme up 7-0

Rock River's All-Star starting QB, Ben Sankey responds hitting Luke McCardle . He creeps in for 6 and ties the game at 7.

But the Extreme used their recievers height to their advantage all night. Burk threads the needle to find Reggie Gray.

Sankey wouldn't have the same sort of success. He airmails this pass and it gets picked off by Dorian Pitts.

Leaving Raptors fans pretty unhappy.

Rock River was threatening near the end of the half. Anotonio Overstreet sneaks by a few defenders but coughs up the ball here and Bloomington recovers.

That was one of 6 turnovers for the Raptors tonight leading to the raptors extinction. They lose 43 to 30.

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