Catfish Tournament

Catfish hunter's were casting off up and down the rock river today for the 16th Annual Rock Valley Anglers Catfish Tournament. Fishermen and women were trying to hook the biggest flatheads and channel cat's in two flights, one from midnight until 6 AM and the second from 6 AM until noon.

Young Harvey Watts came back with an impressive haul of 11.07 in the second flight.

"Well I was told they had some huge ones here so I wasn't quite sure at all. I just figured, bring them in anyways." Harvey Watts said. "I just hope I win. This is the first year I've been in this competition. Somebody told me about it and I was like, Ok...Sweet."

Harvey was the winner in the second flight but the catch of the day was this 46 pound flathead caught early this morning, definitely the biggest fish caught in the competition.

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