Freeport Teen Catches Bonds' 753rd HR

When Freeport's Tyler Diehl snatched Barry Bonds' 753rd home-run out of the basket in left-center yesterday. He wasn't thinking about steroids, the hall of fame, or how much his souvenir might fetch on e-bay. Tyler was trying to dodge the ballhawks in the bleachers that were looking to get a piece of history. The second Tyler got his hand on the ball, he was the subject of a lot more attention than he's used to.

"Everyone was trying to pile on me and get the ball. But I had people like my Dad's friends to help me out. Right after that, security walked us out. Took us out of the ballpark. Then media started following us like newspapers and stuff."

After Tyler's catch, people were tossing out offers of 40 to 50 thousand dollars for the ball.

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