Raptors Ready For Playoff Fight

The Rock River Raptors are already in the playoffs, they've already won their conference and their number two seed was guaranteed even before Saturday's loss to Sioux Falls.

The only question facing the Raptors heading into the bye week before the playoff opener is...What team they will face July 21st at the MetroCentre. The opponent won't be known for certain until after this weekend but Head Coach Rik Richards says he is 95 percent sure the Bloomington Extreme will bring the fight to Rockford.

"Bloomington...is like Rocky. And you're Drago and you're supposed to go in there and wax them. You look at their statistics and they're not great offensively, they're not great defensively.They come in here and sellout like their house is on fire and they go no money. They act like it's all or nothing against us and I don't know what it is."

I guess what richards is trying to say is that if they can change and we can change, maybe everyone can change. Probably one of the greatest speeches ever from a movie. Individual playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow morning...

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