Hogs Introduce New Coach and GM

After finishing up one of the most memorable sports seasons the city of Rockford has ever seen. The IceHogs are back at it again and putting together the necessary pieces to bring another championship to the Rock.

Tonight they officially announced to the public their new coach, Mike Haviland and General Manager Al MacIssac. Both guys come from the Norfolk Admirals organization. The Hogs...Well their getting a coach with a pretty impressive track record. Haviland has won titles for two different teams in ECHL and was named AHL Coach of the Year last season. Here's what he had to say about his coaching style.

"HAVILAND: We play an upbeat style of game. We're a team that plays very fast type of a game. On the other side of it. I think we were the most penalized team in the league too. But we also scored 300 goals last year."
Fans also had questions for new General Manager Al MacIssac about a salary cap. Here's what he had to say.

"AL: There is no salary cap in the NHL but their our owners and budgets. It's no different from the NHL. They may have a salary cap, but they have budgets too. It sometimes doesn't meat the salary cap. It's sometimes lower."

Fans interested in seeing the new AHL team in Rockford, will have to wait awhile. The Hogs will spend close to a month on the road to start the season. Saturday, November 3rd is their first home game.

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