Local Gymnasts Receive National Praise

And finally a group of local gymnasts are receiving national praise. At last week's Trampoline and Tumbling Championships.

5 members of the Gymnastics Academy of Rockford took home top spots individually and the team finished first overall. Team members include Alexandra Stallons, Maurice Dunker, Kevin Heger, Andrew Muzzarelli, and K.J. Heger. Most of these gymnasts have taking home titles individually but the team title came as a big surprise.

"K.J. We really weren't expecting it. We were really just sitting there and all of a sudden we just heard our name. We were like wait what happened."
"Lexi: It's a win/win situation. I was really excited though. I've been having some trouble, and I did really good this time.

Over 16 hundred athletes competed in last week's national championships.

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