RiverHawks Calendar Shoot

And finally RiverHawks players did some posing for some polaroids today...The guys showed off their inner comedian during a calendar shoot out at CoCo Key Resort. The players were put into variety of different settings. Some went one on one in the pool. Mike Marksbury goes sky high with the baby hook, others like...Matt Hagen and Tanner Watson...Showed off their dancing skills or lack their of...But all in all a good time for the guys to kick back and relax. However they did get a few weird looks from the guests at the resort.

"HAGEN: Yeah everybody stops and looks and says what's going on here. It's fun we did some pictures where we got some little kids involved. And it's fun for us too."

"WATSON: We're in their jumping around in our clothes and everything. Little kids our laughing at us and the parents are wondering what were doing. And the lifeguards are looking out for us pretty much.

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