Local Teacher Competes in Wakeboarding Nationals

And finally...A Loves Park elementary school teacher spent the last two days...Catching some major air....Maple Park P.E. teacher.. Annie Haroldson...Took part in this week's Air Nautique Wakeboard National Championships in Pleasent Prairie, Wisconsin.

She picked up boarding from her boyfriend and has been sold on the sport ever since...During the prelims yesterday..Haroldson qualified for the World Championships in Reno, Nevada. Shes obviously got the boarding down pat....so she decided...To pull out all the stops...can't quite land the flipsy doo....once she returned to shore I asked what compelled her to enter into this year's Wakeboarding Nationals.

"ANNIE: I figured that I could do it. Then it came here locally. And I thought you know what I can do this, I can do this. I just said it's time to try it. I'm thrity years old. Might as well give it a shot."

Haroldson finished 3rd during today's National Competition.

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