Finchem Wants Drug Testing

P-G-A Tour commissioner Tim Finchem has been defending his organization's lack of a drug-testing policy by suggesting that it's not worth it without any evidence that players were using performance-enhancing drugs. Now he's had a change of heart, calling for all of golf's professional entities to join together and come up with a universal policy to test for performance-enhancing drugs.

Speaking in Cromwell, Connecticut, on the day before the opening round of the Travelers Championship, Finchem admitted that testing is an inevitable part of the sport's future and everyone should work together to come up with a single standard.

Finchem says the P-G-A is currently developing a rule to decide which substances should be banned, and how to go about enforcing that ban.

The call comes at a time when many sports -- from cycling to the N-F-L -- are either establishing or toughening drug policies.

The L-P-G-A had already announced that it will begin testing for performance enhancers next year.

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