D-Lee Melee

You got feel for Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano. He's finally getting over all the hoopla about his run-in with Michael Barrett. And now another Cubs incident overshadows his play on the field.

Carlos was not a main player in today's Cubs/Padres rumble...But he came pretty close to being one....here's what happened...

In the 4th...Chris Young..goes a little high and tight...catches Eerrek lee in the wrist....tempers flare... Lee and Young exchange missing blows....the benches clear...Lee, Young, and Padres Coach Gerald Perry were all ejected. Zambrano also being held back...Also could use a belt to hold up his pants.. He was able to control his fuse... He also able to control opposing Padre hitters all day.

Zambrano in the 7th....bare hands the ball and gets it to first just in time...A no-hitter heading into the 8th.

But in the 8th....his bid for a no-no gets broken up by Marcus Giles...Zambrano only gives up 1 more hit on the day...But it just happened to be a homerun...Russell Branyen the solo shot to left...Zambrano gets outdueled today...The final 1-0......here's what D-Lee and Chris Young had to say about the incident.

"LEE: I don't really mind getting hit, but when it's at my head. I feel like it threatens my health. I don't know what his intent was but it was at my head."

"YOUNG: I'll say this, I didn't throw at him and that's as far as I'll go. It has nothing to do with anything in the past. Tried to throw a pitch inside, it got away from me and hit him

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