Cubs Slugout in the Dugout

The Chicago Cubs haven't been able to beat many teams of late. But today they did find somebody to beat...themselves.

Carlos Zambrano and Michael Barrett just letting loose on each other in the 5th inning of today's game versus the Braves. Things actually got even worse in the clubhouse. Where Zambrano busted his catchers lip so badly that Barrett would have to be taken to a hospital. This is the play that really triggered the whole incidient...A pass ball by Zambrano and an overthrow by Barrett....led to a braves run...Both players did not return to the game after the fifth...We leave it up to sweet Lou to explain the situation.

"PINELLA: These things shouldn't happen amoung teammates I mean go fight the other team, if you have to. But amoungst yourselves. It happens but it really shouldn't."

This is coming from a guy who once fought his own player just over fifteen years ago. Oh yeah the Cubs lost, 8-5.

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