Cubs Beat Sox in Home Run Derby

It's hard to beat a team when your offense struggles, and your defense commits the most errors all season. That was the White Sox story yesterday.

Game two of the Cross-Town Series between the Cubs and the Sox, both teams using the long ball to their advantage today.

Pitcher Jason Marquis, look at this guy, proving pitchers can hit as well, sends it to the deepest part of the ball park. Cubs up 2.

But the Sox prove anything you do, we can do better. Joe Crede, a line shot, makes it over the wall in left, ties it up at 5.

Cubs a chance to put it away, in the 8th up 1, sacks backed, Derek Lee, by the Beard of Zeus, a four run bomb to left. Sox can't come back after that one

Cubs win the home run derby this afternoon in Wrigley 11-6