Schilling's Bloody Sock

The controversy over what stained Schilling's sock was reignited this week when Baltimore Orioles broadcaster Gary Thorne said Red Sox catcher Doug Mirabelli had told him it was paint, not blood, and that it was done for a publicity stunt.

Mirabelli called that a lie, and Thorne said yesterday that he had misinterpreted what Mirabelli said, or the way he said it.

Schilling was injured in Game One of the 2004 American League championship series against New York. Team doctors stitched a tendon in his right ankle to keep it from flopping around, and he returned to lead the Red Sox to a Game-Six victory that tied the best-of-seven affair at 3-3. The Red Sox went on to win Game Seven and went on to capture their first World Series title since 1918.