Packers Draft Status

After losing veteran starter Ahman Green to a free agent contract from the Houston Texans, Thompson says he's just fine with the unproven backs currently led by Vernand Morency.

If Cal's Marshawn Lynch is gone before the Packers pick, they still could pursue running back help through a trade or a second-tier free agent signing. Of course, if the Packers reach their goal of emulating the Denver Broncos' zone-blocking scheme, they might not need a marquee back.

Thompson notes that his mentor, former Packers general manager Ron Wolf, found running back Dorsey Levens in the fifth round in 1994.

The Packers have plenty of needs beyond their backfield.

Brett Favre favorite Bubba Franks isn't the defense-stretching tight end he used to be, and Miami Hurricanes tight end Greg Olsen would come in handy for an offense that was awful in the red zone last season.