11th Annual Rising Stars Classic

The high school basketball season ended just over a month ago, but tonight some of the Seniors had one last chance to impress the scouts, the coaches, the media, and their parents one last time in a prep uniform.

Guilford standout D.J. Williams just one of the stars in tonights rising stars classic at Hononegah High.

The Class AA team going to work. Boylans Tori Boyd with the nice move in the interior for the deuce.

Later Kent Tuneberg driving the baseline, and Rock Falls Zach House says don't bring that ever again.

Here's your play of the night...Class A in transition, Seth Mayonis sets it up to Brock Bosecker. Just tearing off the rim. Almost hit me with the ball. Luckily I have lightning quick reflexes

Speaking of lightining quick. Rochelle's Sean McNamee the nice feed to East's Antonio Brooks, who finishes it off

Later in the half Seth Mayonis, decides to go 3-ball, he's got it. So a great opportunity for the fans and players to be a part of one more game this season