Huskies Participate in Spring Game

It's life without #1 for the NIU Huskies. Garrett Wolfe just finished up a fine career at NIU in the fall. So who will be the next great Huskie back? We'll it could be a local guy.

Most fingers point at Guilford alum Montell Clanton to be the featured back. But he defintely has competition for that starting role. Justin Anderson rolls off a nice run. #8 gets pushed out at about the 2 yard line by another #8 Mark Reiter. That would set up this touchdown pass, Dan Nicholson rolls out and find Evans Adonis in the back of the end of the zone.

The black team beat the red team a lot to little. Garrett Wolfe and Doug Free enjoy one free weekend before the NFL Draft. As for this years team, lot a questions about Montell and filling the void left by Wolfe.

"Novak: I feel good about Montell, and like I said Montell is not 100%, he's close, but he hasn't really let it go yet. He's still coming off that knee, but he's shown me plenty. I think we can be more than adequate there, but #1 is not going to be out there so let's understand that."