Santana Calms White Sox, 3-1

White sox pitchers have sure had their share of bumps and bruises so far in the early going, Jose Contreras and John Garland both were both shelled in the team's first two games, then Mark Buerhle took a line drive off the arm on Thursday.

Sox hoping not to lay an egg on Easter Sunday. B. Rabbit acting ghetto fab. Making his major league debut today. 21-year old John Danks, he won the fifth starting spot in the spring. In the 4th...Justin Morneau, welcome to the big leagues buddy A 3-run homer off Danks. Twins up 3-0

Danks counterpart...Cy Young Winner Johan Santana. He was dealing today. Jim Thome, you can return to the dugout. Santana tosses 7 scoreless innings.

Sox do get on the board in the 8th...Juan Uribe..his second homer in as many days...3-1 Twins

Chicago has a chance to go ahead, winning run at the plate, but Jim Thome grounds out to first to put the game away.

Sox lose 3-1, Chicago's on the road the next three days in Oakland.