Devan Bawinkel Talks With The Sports Ticket

For five or six months, college basketball players live, eat, sleep, and breath basketball in hopes of playing late into March, and it might not be the NCAA Tournament, but Devan Bawinkel is getting the chance to play for a championship on one of the nations biggest stages.

Tommorrow night West Virginia plays Clemson in the championship of the NIT, although Bawinkel did not play last night in the semifinals against Mississippi State, it turned out to be an instant classic. After West Virginia trailed by fourteen in the second half, Darrius Nichols hit that shot at the horn to send the Mountaineers to the title game. Devan explains what it looked like from the best seat in the house..

"DEVAN: He was guarded and I watched him on tape. Jamont Gordon was right in his face. He got that shot up high and it went in. It was crazy."

Even though Devan is playing for a championship, he told the Sports Ticket his season personally has been a bit of disapointment. Bawinkel was on the self for almost two months with a broken hand. #15 has averaged 9-minutes and three points per game, but despite it all, getting the chance to be in New York and play at Madison Square Garden is a dream come true.

"DEVAN: The VIP box at the ESPN Zone in Times Square, and we had a buffet type thing where we had all these cheeseburgers, hamburgers, and pasta, and wings, and desserts. We're staying at the Marriot Marquee right in Times Square, you walk outside and you're right in Times Square, it's pretty crazy."

We'll everything better digest in the next 24-hours, it's West Virginia and Clemson tommorrow night at 6 for the NIT Title.