Voice of the IceHogs Credits Trainer for Saving his Life

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On July 9th, Rockford Icehogs play-by-play man and vice president of communications Mike Peck collapsed in the locker room during Blackhawks prospect camp.

"The fact that I was where I was at and the people were there to respond that quickly...saved my life." Peck said Monday during IceHogs practice at the Metrocentre. "There's no other way to put it. If I would have been here at the Metrocentre on any other normal Thursday, the outcome probably would've been different, it probably would've went the other way."

"I dropped my notebook and i bent over to pick up my notebook and i just kind of keeled over."

Peck had a heart arrythmyia which doctors would eventually discover was caused by Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia or ARVD. But it was the quick action of Icehogs trainer D.J. Jones that would save Peck's life.

"Basically i just ran down the hallway and took a hold of him there." Jones told WIFR. "He was out at that point. I thought he was having a seizure. I started immediate lifecare support for him. The other two athletic trainers from chicago were right there and the three of us just kind of managed his care until a-l-s got there."

Peck was in a coma for 10-to-12 hours and then in the hospital for nine days. But in the 2-plus months since the incident, he says he feels great and can do just about everything he did before that day. He's known for his unbelievable enthusiasm when calling Hogs games and he says that won't change.

"It's the style I got and that's the only way I know how to do it. With the enthusiasm, with trying to keep everybody listening involved in the game and excited about the game."

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