Celebrating the White Sox

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The Go-Go Sox have gone all the way, and Stateline fans are celebrating the miracle with memorabilia, MC Sports in Rockford continues to get shipments, the official MLB locker room shirts are in high demand.

“It was phenomenal, I think it's history because no team has ever been so dominant in winning, and the pitching they have, I think it was meant to be," says White Sox fan Larry Hughes.

Hughes is stocking up on shirts for the family; the elation brings back memories of days spent with his grandfather, cheering for the Sox.

"He would sit there-smoking his white owl cigar and listening to Bob Ellson, and watching the Chicago White Sox. And my dad, he's gone now, but he would just really, really love this, and I wish he could enjoy it, maybe he is enjoying it," says Hughes.

Not only are shirts being purchased in Rockford, they're also being produced, Guerilla Graffix is the on-site printer for Nike in our area, and they've been busy, production on shirts and sweatshirts began at 1 a.m. Thursday morning.

"We had trucks here at 4 a.m. picking up goods and trucking it to Chicago right away. We'll have two more here this afternoon, UPS will be showing up," says President John Smithline.

There will be 20,000 T-shirts and sweatshirts printed at Guerilla Graffix before the day is done, and when they're completed, they'll be shipped across the country to White Sox fans eagerly awaiting their arrival.

"It's awesome-we've done this for a long time for different teams across the country. But this one is really big, the White Sox since 1917, goes back a lot of history there, and to beat Houston so convincingly, it was just huge the way they came through this series," says Smithline.