As part of the FCC’s historic spectrum auction, the FCC license for 23 WIFR was sold.  Accordingly, on May 31, 2017, 23 WIFR will surrender its license back to the FCC.  

But, to ensure that viewers in Rockford, Freeport, and surrounding communities do not lose any of WIFR’s programming, including CBS Network programming and WIFR’s local news, immediately after WIFR surrenders its license, a new station, WIFR-LD, will commence operations.   WIFR-LD will operate on the same channel as the old 23 WIFR.  

The overwhelming majority of viewers will not see any changes or experience any disruption whatsoever.  If, however, after May 31, 2017, you are unable to receive WIFR’s programming, please contact

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Cable/Satellite Subscribers:  If you receive 23 WIFR via a subscription to Comcast, Mediacom, Dish Network, DirecTV, or any other cable operator, you will not see any changes.  We are working with all cable and satellite operators to ensure that they will continue to receive our programming via the new WIFR-LD without any disruptions.  

Over-The-Air Viewers:  The vast majority of 23 WIFR over-the-air viewers in our market (more than 98%) will be able to receive WIFR-LD over the air when it launches.  You should continue to tune to Channel 23.1 to receive WIFR-LD after May 31, 2017.  You will NOT need to rescan your television set or take any other special action to receive WIFR-LD.  Bottom line, more than 98% of viewers should not see any difference whatsoever.  If, however, you are unable to receive WIFR after May 31, 2017, please contact

Antenna TV and the Justice Network:  There will be no changes to Antenna TV or the Justice Network.  Each cable or satellite operator that carries those channels will continue to carry those channels on the same channel position as they do today.  Over-the-air viewers also will continue to tune to Channels 23.2 and 23.3 to watch their favorite programs on Antenna TV and the Justice Network.