Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center

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Welcome to Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center

Our goal at Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center is to provide the highest quality outpatient surgical services and pain management for the best value to our patients, customers and community.


At Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center our surgical outcomes are consistently high. We provide state of the art equipment and highly trained staff to your surgeon, so that your procedure will be performed efficiently and with the most advanced techniques.

Common Surgeries

Cosmetic Surgery

Pain Management

Find Out How Much You Can Save:

It’s a fact. You’ll pay substantially less if you have your outpatient surgery performed at Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Follow this link
to see examples of average billed charges for outpatient procedures performed at Rockford area hospitals compared to the same outpatient procedures performed at Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center.
Why Pay More?

Look Before you Leap:

Let us help you find out what your outpatient surgery will cost you before you have it scheduled. Follow this link and we’ll show you how.

Here’s How To Get an Estimate for Your Outpatient Surgical Procedure

Frequently Asked Questions:

Commonly asked questions by patients and family members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Success Stories:

Comments from some of the patient's we've served.

Success Stories

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